"OPTIMILL" drilling and milling machine BF 20 L Vario

Extremely rigid drilling and milling machine with electronic speed variator, digital depth gauge and spindle speed tachometer. Equipped with a large table. While stocks last.

With a table length and an X-axis stroke longer than the BF 20 Vario, this conventional milling machine is distinguished only by its length. This milling drill is extremely rigid with an electronic speed variator. It is equipped with two speed ranges per mechanical gearbox to guarantee the torque during engine machining. To drill / mill in all angles the head of this conventional milling machine tilts ± 90%.

- Two speed ranges per mechanical gearbox to guarantee torque
- Speed ​​control by variator
- DC motor allowing a constant speed of rotation
- Equipped with an EMC filter (protection of electronic signals)
- Low voltage security system
- Micrometric spindle lowering during milling operations
- Spindle lowering by capstan during drilling operations
- Catching up games on all movements including the milling spindle
- Robust dovetail column ensuring perfect rigidity
- All dovetails are scraped by hand
- Reverse direction of right / left rotation, emergency stop punch
- Electrically controlled and adjustable mandrel protection casing
- Cross table equipped with adjustable stops and a graduated scale
- Reading accuracy of all movements by vernier engraved in the mass
- Head tilt of ± 90 °, allowing drilling and / or milling operations in all angles
- Standard fitted with a digital spindle tachometer with backlit screen, a digital Z-axis depth gauge and a halogen lamp
- Possibility to equip the machine with an automatic feed. See article code: 3571941/3570015
- Possibility to convert the machine to CNC
- Original model designed by Optimum Germany (German design and quality)

Motor power: 850 W 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Drilling capacity (St. 37 steel): Ø 20 mm
Continuous capacity (St. 37 steel): Ø 16 mm
Max surfacing capacity: Ø 63 mm
Max end milling capacity: Ø 20 mm
Spindle attachment: CM 2 / M 10
Spindle stroke: 50 mm
Gooseneck: 185 mm
Head tilt: ± 90 °
Head stroke in Z axis: 280 mm
Speed ​​ranges: 2 per Vario on each range
Minimum speed range: 90 to 1480 rpm, by Vario
Maximum speed range: 150 to 3000 rpm, per Vario
Table dimensions (L x W): 700 x 180 mm
Table travel in X axis: 480 mm
Table travel in Y axis: 175 mm
"T" grooves: 12 mm
Groove spacing: 63 mm
Maximum admissible weight: 55 kg
Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 950 x 565 x 935 mm
Net weight (gross): 115 kg (145 kg)
Standard accessories: M 10 tie rod, Service keys, Halogen lamp