Orthopaedic high-speed press, Hardo-SUPER CLASSIC

Ref.: 514 W 601.250

solid sheet steel construction, safety switch with timer, separate sole press with air cushion filling and toothed rack locking, separate heel press, swivel V-pressure arm, hook back-wall for holding the inner-pressure plates, separate compressed air connection with pressure reducer and pressure gauge, fully automatic compressor system, quick release for press cushion, adjustable bars on fixture device, inflation/deflation valve with reset function. Two side-mounted orthopaedics press stations, without cushion. Left: clear width 450 mm, right: clear width 300 mm, 1 set (12 pairs) inside-pressure plates

Dimensions LxPxH: 1250 x 740 x 1780 mm
Exigences d'alimentation: 400 V / 50 Hz / 0,55 kW

Weight: 250 kg

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